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So, hi everybody. It’s been some time since I updated this blog! Part of that is the 12 months I spent backpacking around the world but it’s also that most topics I rant about are discussed on other platforms these days. Then again, maybe writing this will refuel my bloggin’ engine…

After Ever AfterSo, some of you know that I went and walked the earth for a year (fighting crime, training to be the hero Gotham needs etc) but during that time I also started writing something. That something was the libretto for a musical, After Ever After – and now that show’s going to see the light of day!

Now the libretto is basically the script and lyrics so it was less ‘musical’ and more just an ‘al’ until I met Patrick Coyte who brought to the table talent and the ability to actually compose music. He’s the Sullivan to my Gilbert, the Rice to my Lloyd Webber, the Gershwin to my… Gershwin.


Point is, our show now had a script and some music – now we needed someone to sing and dance. Many of you will know the stupidly talented Helen Perris but you may not know she agreed to join our merry band! Helen’s voice combined with Pat’s music brought to life tunes that had been gestated in my head for months and simultaneously made each ten times better than I could have hoped for.

Why am I telling you all this? Well, because we’ve been selected to perform an extract from the show as part of the Short+Sweet Cabaret show! This will be the first public performance of the show so you’re not just buying a ticket to a fun night out – you’re buying history, people. Here’s the poster:

We’re on as part of the Wildcards billing – “an eclectic batch of the new, the wild and the wonderful.   Subversive, surprising and more than a little bit naughty…” – for two shows on January 12th and you can now buy tickets here!

You can also like the After Ever After Facebook Page and there’s a Facebook Event for the show too.

Finally, here’s a VERY early recording (with Pat singing instead of Helen) of the first verse of one of our songs. It’s MUCH better now but to hear that you’ll just have to come along in January 😉

Kino #55… in 3D!

So, I decided to use the (terrible quality) 3D camera on my Nintendo 3DS to take some photos at this month’s Kino Sydney film night. As someone who can’t see 3D due to being blind in one eye, extracting the photos and turning them into stereo photos. WELCOME TO MY 2D WORLD, SUCKERS!

(Edit: Here’s the guide on how to do this, for those that were curious.)

First, some photos of my kitten, Frazil, to test it out:

After I arrived, some photos of the cool kids hanging out on the street:

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Socialising our past

I know people who in the last week have deleted, or considered deleting their Facebook account. This is nothing new, the constant panic about privacy and frustration with every new feature has become run of the mill, but these people weren’t deleting their data because it was failing in what they thought it should offer – but rather that it was succeeding too well.

“Wake up – time to die”

I’m referring specifically to Timeline, the new Facebook view that replaces that of the traditional wall of your profile. In reality, it acts in much the same way, but one key factor is that it allows instant and fascinating travel through your personal Facebook history, and this is why the people I’ve mentioned want out: they don’t want to remember.

For the sake of anonymity, Subject X described her motivation thusly:

“I just wasn’t even with [sic] me accessing 5 years of my life in photos, let alone anyone else. some things better off forgotten”

The thing that surprises me, is that while I won’t be following Subject X’s direction, is that I can totally understand the logic.

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For my Squid…

My rather nifty friend Andrew pointed me in the direction of this video, and I think it’s rather cool. Not just because I think cephalopods are amazing, or that my nickname for one of my oldest friends is Squid, but mainly because I just love science.

If you enjoyed that, I suggest following it up with listening to the super awesome Here Comes Science album by They Might Be Giants (yes, I know it’s designed for kids but don’t let that stop you.)

If we build it they will NOT come

This is part of a series of short blog posts I wrote for beginners in social media for the Australia Council for the Arts. Enjoy, share and if you have any questions, let me know.

UFO over cityYou’re panicking. You’ve spent months coming up with a strategy, you’re design work has been completed, you’ve got your Facebook Page created and your new app is launched and looks fantastic – and no one is seeing it. It’s the worst thing that could happen because when it comes to social, Oscar Wilde was on the money: “the only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

Tips and Tricks

Organic is great but it shouldn’t be your only tool. Organic growth is when you rely on social word of mouth, like people seeing their friends interact with Facebook Pages in their News Feeds to build your community. This is great and very valuable, but support it wherever you can!

Use your existing contacts! If you have a mailing list, make sure they know about your community. If you have physical locations, make sure you put up signs. Don’t be afraid to also encourage everyone in your organisation to invite their friends too.

This post originally appeared as part of the Connecting:// arts audiences online series, and you can continue reading the post on the blog here.

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